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Here in our news overview you will find all articles from the RESIST online editorial team. Of course we appreciate your interest in our work – and also when you share our news in social media.

School competition

January 11, 2021|

It starts with the question, what bacteria, viruses and fungi are, followed by the cultivation of bacteria and, last but not least, even epidemiological observations using the example of SARS-CoV-2 a [...]

The defiance of viruses

October 15, 2020|

Professor Čičin-Šain has identified the key factor that viruses use to paralyse immune defense mechanisms of their hosts Defense cells constantly patrol our tissues to detect pathogens. If they find [...]


October 6, 2020|

Charles M. Rice awarded the 2020 Nobel Prizein Physiology or Medicine Charles M. Rice, member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Cluster of Excellence RESIST, receives the 2020 Nobel Prize in Ph [...]

The gold of breast milk

August 28, 2020|

RESIST team found out: Alarmins positively influence the development of the intestinal flora and the immune system after birth. Food supplements could prevent severe infections in newborns and long-t [...]

RESIST on stage

January 23, 2020|

Coffee is good for the liver! This is one of the many interesting messages that RESIST researcher Professor Dr. Markus Cornberg and PD Dr. Benjamin Maasoumy advised the approximately 320 guests who h [...]

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