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Internet, telephone, TV and radio

Here you will find useful information on the topics of Internet, telephone, TV reception and broadcasting fees.

Internet and mobile communications

DSL connection: Having internet or wifi in your apartment (the so-called DSL connection) is something we all can’t imagine living without. If you rent an apartment, you have to take care of it on your own. There are various providers. For example, you can look on the Check24 homepage to see which connection is available and cheapest for you. You can find all other information on the providers’ websites.

Mobile phone contract: There are an infinite number of mobile phone providers on the German market. Almost all of them offer a phone and SMS flat rate in addition to the Internet. You can choose whether you want a cell phone contract or a prepaid SIM card. The cell phone contract includes a monthly fixed price for a certain term. You can often choose a cell phone in addition to the pure SIM card. Take a look at Check24, for example. A prepaid SIM card must be loaded with money before use.

  • Check24 (Website only available in German)

Landline, TV and radio

Landline: A DSL connection usually includes a landline connection. After setting up the router, you can get an in-house telephone and connect it. You can now be reached via the number provided by the provider. However, most people do not purchase the house phone, as the cell phone is often sufficient.

Television reception: Television reception methods include satellite, cable connection, IPTV, antenna television (DVB-T2) or TV streaming via the Internet. The most commonly used reception method in Germany is the satellite dish. The devise is usually installed at the roof, but can also be set up at a balcony (if it has the needed south alignment) for example. You will then have a wired connection to your TV. If you want a cable connection, it is possible to combine it with your DSL contract. With IPTV, the TV signal is transmitted exclusively over the Internet, similar to TV streaming (Internet TV). But IPTV is always linked to an Internet connection from the same provider and special reception equipment is required. Antenna TV (DVB-T2) only works with an indoor antenna and a DVB-T2 capable receiver or TV. You can watch the public television channels without a special provider with DVB-T2. If you also want to receive the private television channels, you must take out a subscription with freenet TV.

Broadcasting fee: The broadcasting fee must be paid by every household in Germany, even if no special payment request has been made. It amounts to EUR 18.36 per month – regardless of how many people live in the household.