How can diagnosis be improved to achieve early identification of as many affected individuals as possible?

What is this research project about?

The fitness of the immune system and thus the susceptibility to infections shows a Gaussian distribution in the population. The variability of susceptibility to infectious diseases is based on genetic variation.

What is this research project about?

The fitness of the immune system is unevenly distributed in the population. On the one hand there are anecdotal reports on the “90-yr-old smoker, who has never been admitted to hospital”; on the other hand there are immunocompromised individuals who would not survive without medical intervention, sometimes necessitating even bone marrow transplantation. These individuals, with a profoundly impaired immune system, manifest with severe and often untypical (e.g. opportunistic) life-threatening infections and a predisposition to (mainly virally-induced) malignancies. In between these two extremes, however, there is a distribution of immune fitness, where patients with recurrent non-life threatening -but repeated or prolonged- infections, represent the majority of cases. In the last decades more than 350 different genes have been found to be mutated in immunodeficiency patients.

What’s the current status?

Depending on the cohort of study, the more than 350 genes associated with primary immunodeficiencies (PID), can only explain about 15-60% of cases. Certainly, there are probably more genes yet to be discovered, however, it is also likely that our search is not deep enough and that the monogenic model is insufficient to fulfill the diagnostic odyssey. Nowadays, Next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies are routinely used in the clinic to obtain a genetic diagnosis. Most PID patients undergo targeted gene panel (TGP) sequencing or whole exome sequencing (WES), but still, a substantial number of them remain undiagnosed, as it is true for most Mendelian diseases. There may be many reasons for this; first, standard NGS bioinformatics pipelines are not specifically designed to detect copy number alterations (CNAs) or structural variants (SV), and these may be missed. Second, the use of TGP or WES limits the search to the coding part of the genome (2%). Third, other causative or contributing factors, which are excluded with the monogenic model, such as epigenetic profiles and the regulation of gene expression or the gut microbiome, have not been sufficiently studied.

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More patients with immune defects could be registered.

What are the project goals?

The main objectives are:

  • Reducing the number of unsolved cases, since the majority of patients with immunodeficiency are currently undiagnosed
  • Improving our understating on how the epigenome works and its role in primary immunodeficiency disease.
  • Understanding the relationship between the gut microbiome and disease severity and comorbidity in PID patients with malignancies, autoimmunity or inflammation

How do we get there?

The percentage of positively diagnosed patients could increase, first, by reanalyzing WES data with custom bioinformatics pipelines or with the use of novel alternative methods like next generation mapping (NGM) to detect CNAs or SVs, including insertions, translocations and inversions, which are not detectable by commonly used techniques. Second, by investigating epigenetic patterns of DNA methylation and histone modification in a genome-wide approach. Third, by sequencing the gut microbiome we can study the phylogenic and functional diversity of the gut microbiota and its role in shaping the immune system. Finally, microbiome diversity and co-morbidity in patients with PID could be addressed with the analysis of intestinal immunoglobulins.

Project A2 obtains and registers its patients from the national registry for immunodeficient patients, the PIDnet registry, which has existed since 2009. The PIDnet Registry is part of the European immunodeficiency registry of ESID (European Society for Immunodeficiencies). Since the PIDnet Registry is responsible for the clinical data of patients, the PIDnet Registry is an integral part of RESIST.In addition, the project includes data and biomaterials from the cohort of the Clinical Research Group 250 (KFO 250) in its research.

High-molecular DNA analysis to identify structural variants of the genome.


Project title: Infection predisposition in primary immundeficiencies

Prof. Dr. Bodo Grimbacher

Project: A2

Prof. Dr. Torsten Witte

Projects: A2, B2

Prof. Dr. Doris Steinemann

Project: A2

Dr. Faranaz Atschekzei

Project: A2

Project A2 Publications

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Publications of the Project A2