During your stay

German courses and further education

To do research at the MHH and TWINCORE, knowledge of German is not absolutely necessary, as it is common to communicate in English in most cases. Despite this, we strongly encourage you to acquire basic German language skills for everyday life. MHH also offers continuing education courses, RESIST has a seminar series, and there are numerous events in English.

German courses

In order to learn German, we offer you a language course organized by RESIST and given by the lecturer Artur Sieg. Please contact the RESIST office to find out if there are any places available at the moment. The Bildungsverein and the Institut für Sprachen und Kommunikation also offer German courses. In addition, it is helpful to learn German on your own. The best way to do this is with free apps and media online, for example with the app Memrise or via the website Deutsch-To-Go. Deutsche Welle provides many interesting materials. The German learning series “Nicos Weg” can also be helpful.

Further education

The MHH also offers further education, for example for you as a scientist.
On the RESIST homepage, as well as by e-mail, we inform you about the lectures of the RESIST seminar series and other events that might be of interest to you.
In addition, there are numerous events on the homepages of Hannover Medical School and TWINCORE, some of which are also held in English.