RESIST is international

We are delighted that RESIST is so international: many people on our RESIST team are from abroad and/or work with colleagues in institutions around the world. In addition, RESIST has launched a new research partnership, HAGIS, with the University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research (CVR). Many students from abroad are active in RESIST research groups. And some RESIST researchers are even among the most cited scientists worldwide. Feel free to read more about this on this page.

RESIST and the world

RESIST lives internationally

RESIST connects countrys

  • Numerous RESIST researchers maintain diverse international collaborations and/or participate in research consortia funded by the European Union.

RESIST creates international relations

  • RESIST, together with the MRC-University of Glasgow Centre for Viral Research (CVR) team, has created the Hannover Glasgow Infection Strategy (HAGIS) scientific partnership to conduct joint research in the field of infectious diseases as well as provide an excellent training environment. The photo shows the HAGIS group in Glasgow.

RESIST supports international doctoral students

Dr. Sabine Johann