Preparation for the stay

Bringing your family

How nice that your family accompanies you during your stay in Hanover! On this page we inform you about childcare, schools, services for families and free time offers.

Crèches and kindergartens

There are crèches for children under the age of three and kindergartens for children between the ages of three and six. Both facilities can be attended voluntarily. In many cities, however, the amount of available places is very limited. You should look for a place in daycare for your child as early as possible. For the regular kindergarten and school place allocation process, the registration deadline is at the end of January. Child care are regular school year atart usually in August. It is very important to know that children can usually only be admitted to regular crèches and kindergartens in August, admission at other times of the year is very difficult! Alternatively, there is daycare for children under the age of three, although more flexible starting times are often possible here.

MHH also offers childcare. There are three daycare centers with a total of more than 400 all-day care places. MHH also offers flexible childcare, emergency and vacation childcare. The city of Hanover offers you the opportunity to find out about the childcare opportunities available in Hanover vie a registration portal. Here you can pre-register your child in a crèche, kindergarten or for after-school care.


For elementary school (1st to 4th grade), your child will generally attend the elementary school closest to your home. The secondary school (Hauptschule, Realschule, Gymnasium or Gesamtschule) may be further away. Please contact the school of your choice for enrollment.
There are also private schools. These include the English-language International School Hannover Region (ISHR), the Freie Waldorfschule Hannover-Maschsee, the Freie Waldorfschule Hannover-Bothfeld and the Montessori School.

Free time and vacations

To spend your free time with your family, there are numerous destinations in and around Hanover. Listed below are some of these destinations that your children are sure to enjoy. You can also find information about attractions for families, as well as vacation offers, on the Tourism page of the city of Hanover.