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Welcome to the RESIST press area. My name is Bettina Bandel, I am your contact person for all questions concerning press and public relations. On this page you will find comprehensive information about our Cluster of Excellence. Just use one of the following quick links for navigation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

RESIST – Top 4 Press Releases

Interview for Zeit online

How herpes tricks the immune system

Hanover, 11.04.2023

Once herpes, always herpes. The virus camouflages itself extremely cleverly: How it manages this, what role the sun or stress play, and what really helps against HSV-1 – Anna Carthaus has written an article on this for Zeit online, for which she also interviewed Prof. Sodeik (in German language).

Blog post

How dangerous is bird flu for us?

Hanover, 6.02.2023

The outbreak of H5N1 avian influenza at a Spanish mink farm is raising concerns about transmission to humans. Prof. Schulz answers the most frequently asked questions on the topic in our blog…

Article in the “MHH Info”

Exciting RESIST topics in every issue

Hannover, 16.07.2023

The new MHH Info is online (in German language)- and in it you may like to learn that there is now a podcast episode on RESIST research (page 21), Dr. Rösner has been awarded (p. 19) and you may also like to read a report on research by Prof. Schreiner on adenoviruses (p. 35).

Our current Newsletter

RESIST looks into the future.

Hannover, 17.07.2023

We wish you a wonderful summer with this newsletter.

This is RESIST

Description of the Cluster of Excellence RESIST

RESIST – Research to help the most vulnerable

Our goal: a better protection of particularly susceptible people from infections

Viruses and bacteria shall no longer harm people, who are particularly susceptible to infections. This is the goal of the RESIST team. RESIST aims to pave the way to better prevention, diagnosis and therapy – for example for newborn babies, the elderly, people with congenital immunodeficiency as well as those whose immune system is suppressed for therapeutic reasons. Part of RESIST are physicians who perform clinical work and who are very familiar with the situation of the patients, but also researchers who perform basic research in the lab. The acronym of the Cluster of Excellence RESIST stands for “Resolving Infection Susceptebility”.

RESIST in figures

RESIST consists of more than 50 research groups from six different partner institutions (MHH, HZI, TWINCORE, TiHo, CSSB and CCI) working on 23 projects, focusing on the human immune system and genetics, but also on a dozen pathogenic viruses and bacteria. The speaker of the Cluster of Excellence is Professor Dr. Thomas Schulz, Director of the Institute of Virology at Hannover Medical School (MHH). The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) is funding RESIST under the Germany’s Excellence Strategy from 2019 to 2025 with around 32 million euros. Current information is available at:

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