Before departure

Before departure

Your stay in Hannover is coming to an end?
Here you will find valuable information about formalities you should take care of before your departure. Broadly speaking, these relate to the following:


Cancelling your lease
Terminate your apartment in time, please note that the legal notice period is three months. Also terminate your other housing matters (electricity, water, gas, telephone, internet, broadcasting fee) in time.

Deregistration with the city
If you move permanently to another country, it is necessary to deregister at a citizens’ registration office. The homepage of the citizens’ offices offers further information on this.

Cancel insurance
Cancel your statutory or private health insurance. If you have paid contributions to the German statutory pension insurance and the VBL, we strongly recommend that you use the Find your Pension portal. Under certain circumstances, you may be entitled to a refund.

Additional notices
You should remember to deregister from your school, daycare center, sports club, telephone contracts and banks and cancel subscriptions. Deregister with the appropriate office for child support and parental benefits.

Income tax return
Make a wage tax declaration (support is offered by a tax consultancy).