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First graduation ceremony for the Master’s programme Biomedical Data Analysis

For the first time, two students graduated from the Master's programme Biomedical Data Analysis Dr. Adrian Schulz, who was visibly happy to be celebrated in Lecture Hall F (see photo), and Konstantin Büttner, who unfortunately could not be in Hanover at the time. Both were honoured at the joint graduation ceremony of the Master's programmes at the MHH on 9 February. We will report on this in more detail. The teaching prize for this degree programme was also awarded at the event. You can read more about this here.

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RESIST with virtual reality at “aufhof”

On 7 February, RESIST was part of the "aufhof" when the MHH presented itself with numerous contributions in the former Galeria Kaufhof building at the Marktkirche in Hanover's city centre. A brand new, exciting virtual reality film on herpes virus infection was on show at the stand of our Cluster of Excellence. It shows in a unique way how cold sore viruses enter the body, which cell components play a role and how the virus multiplies there. There is also a quiz on herpes viruses. In addition, Dr. Stephan Traidl from the MHH Clinic for Dermatology, Allergology and Venereology [...]

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Do I need a visa? Where can I live? What insurance do I need to take out? Numerous questions arise when you come to RESIST in Hannover from abroad to do research here. For a first introduction to many of these topics, there is now a lot of information on our RESIST homepage. We would like to make it a little easier for all scientists to get off to a good start. We are delighted that you, as a professor or (post) doctoral student, have decided to conduct research in our international and committed team. Please take a look [...]

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Platform on immunodeficiencies

If people frequently have severe and protracted infections, an inborn error of immunity may be the cause. To date, almost 500 genes have been found that are associated with such immune deficiencies. However, there is as yet no publicly accessible platform containing comprehensive and up-to-date information on these genes, the mechanisms that cause them and their consequences for humans. RESIST Professor Dr. Michele Proietti and Dr. Andrés Caballero-Oteyza from the MHH Department of Immunology and Rheumatology and the Center for Chronic Immunodeficiency (CCI) in Freiburg, together with other scientists, are currently establishing such a database. The "Genetic Immunology Advisor [...]

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New ways to combat lung infections

Prof. Lachmann receives "ERC Proof of Concept Grant" from the EU for the further development of a novel immune cell therapy Treating bacterial pneumonia with healthy macrophages – that is the goal of the team led by Prof. Lachmann. The European Union (EU) has now awarded his "iMAClung" project, with which he is taking the next steps towards the application of immune cell therapy, an "ERC Proof-of-Concept Grant". Prof. Lachmann holds his professorship at the MHH as part of RESIST. He works in the Department of Pediatric Pneumology, Allergology and Neonatology at MHH. Until now, bacterial pneumonia has mainly [...]

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The Winter Newsletter is published

Here is the Winter RESIST Newsletter! Enthusiasm, perseverance and brilliant ideas for the coming period - this is what Prof. Schulz wishes all readers of our newsletter on page 1. Join us in welcoming new scientists to our RESIST team (page 3) and read more about current research results and awards from our scientists from page 4. Pursuing a scientific career while being pregnant, having a child and looking after it - RESIST can help with this difficult task (page 6). RESIST and has also been traveling (p. 9) and bringing its science to the public (11 and 12). [...]

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RESIST helps

Reconcile careers and children: Pursuing a scientific career at the same time as being pregnant and looking after children - that is very difficult. Female postdocs working in RESIST or associated with RESIST can get support by applying for co-financing of a technical assistant for up to twelve months. Dr. Anika Freise, Dr. Carina Jacobsen and Dr. Eirini Nikolouli were successful: they will now be relieved during their parental leave or their subsequent return to work from January 2024. Dr. Freise is currently expecting her first child, who is expected to be born in February 2024. "It is very [...]

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Welcome in RESIST

We welcome Prof. Dr. Nataliya Di Donato to RESIST. She is participating in project area A with her research on the following question: What genetic mechanisms underlie immunodeficiencies and thus susceptibility to infections? "Some syndromes caused by immunodeficiencies are found in less than 500 out of one million people, making it even more difficult to find the disease causing mutations. Therefore, we are working closely together in interdisciplinary teams with clinicians and researchers and use the latest methods to find the right diagnosis for our patients and enable customized, effective treatments," says Prof. Di Donato. Prof. Dr. Nataliya Di [...]

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RESIST researchers highly regarded

RESIST members Prof. Li, Prof. McHardy and Prof. Werfel are among the most cited scientists in the world. This was the result of the latest analysis of scientific publications by Clarivate Analytics. The annual list of "Highly Cited Researchers" shows which publications in each discipline are among the one percent that have been cited the most in the past ten years. Prof. Li, Prof. McHardy and Prof. Werfel are listed in the "Cross-Field" category, which includes researchers who have an impact on science beyond their actual field of work. The entire list of "Highly Cited Researchers 2023" and further [...]

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RESIST at school

As part of the LeibnizLAB at the University of Hanover, RESIST research inspires schoolchildren What infectious agents are there? How big are they? How do they spread from person to person? The first lecture of the LeibnizLAB of the University of Hanover on the subject of infection biology, which focused on RESIST research, started with very vivid and exciting experiments on these questions as well as on transmission routes of viruses and bacteria and their detection. At this premiere on November 14, the two Master's students of Teaching and Plant Biotechnology, Torben and Dorian, presented the LeibnizLab on infection [...]

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