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We are delighted to welcome our new RESIST member Prof Dr Yannic Bartsch. The immunologist heads the junior research group "Antiviral Antibody Omics" at TWINCORE.

2024-06-17T13:18:56+02:00 17. June 2024|

RESIST is at the IdeenExpo

RESIST will be at the IdeenExpo - from 13 to 16 June (Thursday to Sunday) in Hall 9 at the MHH stand! Come and watch our VR film showing the infection process with herpes viruses and take part in our RESIST quiz! IdeenExo - Europe's largest youth event for technology and science - takes place from 8 to 16 June at the Hannover Exhibition Centre. Admission is free. The aim of IdeenExpo is to get young people interested in technology and science and to recruit skilled workers for the STEM fields. It is primarily aimed at pupils in years [...]

2024-06-03T11:49:32+02:00 24. May 2024|

As a guest in Glasgow

MHH President Prof. Manns and Prof. Palmarini, Director of the Centre for Virus Research (CVR) at the University of Glasgow, have signed a joint declaration to strengthen their collaboration in the field of viral infectious diseases and basic virology. The basis is the German-Scottish project "Hannover-Glasgow Infection Strategy" (HAGIS), which was developed within the framework of RESIST. "We are very pleased, as this will accelerate our existing cooperation in joint research and improve our international networking as well as our opportunities for better therapies for infectious diseases," says Prof. Manns. They signed the declaration during a delegation trip to [...]

2024-05-16T13:22:28+02:00 16. May 2024|

“Women in RESIST” network – WiR – was launched

On 14 May, the "Women in RESIST" network - WiR - was launched with a kick-off event in the conference room at the MHH Lounge. This first meeting was moderated by networking expert Sonja de Vries. She also gave a keynote speech on the topic of networking. Over coffee and cake, the participants got to know each other better and discussed various topics relating to networking. The next meeting will take place on 11 September from 12.30 pm to 2 pm: Sabine Blackmore will moderate this second WiR meeting and enrich it with a lecture on equality in science. [...]

2024-05-15T10:57:08+02:00 15. May 2024|

Successful German Course

Motivation comes with ability – and with Mr Sieg: Mastering everyday life, coming into contact with people, understanding the culture – these are the reasons why Dr. Xiaoyu Zhang, Shruti Chopra and Ximena Leon Lara, who came to RESIST in Germany from China, India and Mexico, have been learning German for a long time. The "German as a foreign language" course, which teacher Artur Sieg has been offering to RESIST researchers since August 2020, is helping them in their endeavours. The students, like many other researchers, have come to Hanover to write their doctoral thesis as part of RESIST [...]

2024-05-07T11:33:53+02:00 7. May 2024|

The Spring Newsletter is published

Here is the Winter RESIST Newsletter! Enthusiasm, perseverance and brilliant ideas for the coming period - this is what Prof. Schulz wishes all readers of our newsletter on page 1. Join us in welcoming new scientists to our RESIST team (page 3) and read more about current research results and awards from our scientists from page 4. Pursuing a scientific career while being pregnant, having a child and looking after it - RESIST can help with this difficult task (page 6). RESIST and has also been traveling (p. 9) and bringing its science to the public (11 and 12). [...]

2024-05-02T20:47:21+02:00 2. May 2024|

Members’ meeting

The RESIST members' meeting on 17 April 2024 in Lecture Hall Q, which was attended by 30 members and in which 17 other members took part online, provided an opportunity to meet again, catch up and exchange ideas. Prof. Schulz warmly welcomed everyone at the beginning. Prof. Schulz then kicked off the meeting with the good news that the DFG had approved all of MHH's expenditure in 2021 in its financial audit. He continued with a topic for which he would like to see more commitment from RESIST members. It was about the RESIST seminars, which take place every [...]

2024-04-30T12:43:06+02:00 23. April 2024|

Welcome Prof. Dölken

We welcome Professor Dr. Lars Dölken as a new member of RESIST. The specialist in herpes viruses has been Director of the MHH Institute of Virology since 2 April 2024, succeeding Prof. Schulz, who has headed the institute since 2000. Prof Dölken has also been a member of the RESIST Board since mid-April. Prof. Dölken is a specialist in microbiology, virology and infection biology. The 47-year-old was previously Director of the Institute of Virology and Immunobiology at the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg. Through the DFG research group FOR2830 "Advanced concepts in the cellular immune control of cytomegaloviruses", which he heads, he [...]

2024-04-21T10:34:52+02:00 21. April 2024|
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