For the first time, researchers of the German-Scottish project “Hannover-Glasgow Infection Strategy” (HAGIS) met in person for a symposium. Ten RESIST scientists travelled to Glasgow for two days on 28 April to the Glasgow Centre for Virus Research (CVR).

RESIST spokesperson Prof. Thomas Schulz and Dr. Joe Grove spoke the introductory words, gave an overview of the project and reported on the current status. The group then delved into discussions already underway, for example on strategies for further funding of the project, and exchanged views on exchange agreements. In terms of content, the participants discussed possible collaborations on the topics of RNA biology, intrinsic immunity and the biology of arboviruses.

“The meeting was extremely useful to map the different synergies between our groups and define the next steps. We really enjoyed the trip and I think it increased people’s motivation to continue with HAGIS,” says Prof Schulz. Next, more student exchanges are planned – a RESIST PhD student is already doing research in Glasgow – as well as a visit by the CVR team in Hannover.
In addition to Prof. Schulz and Dr. Grove, Prof. Schreiner-Gruber, Dr. Mai, Ilka Simons, Prof. Gerold, Ju-Eun Yoo, Prof. Viejo-Borbolla, Nadine Brückner, Prof. Sodeik, Dr. Eugenia Gripp from Hanover as well as Prof. Kohl, Dr. Pondeville, Dr. McDonald, Prof. Robertson, Dr. Kuchi, Dr. Castello, Dr. Boutell and Prof. Palmarini from Glasgow took part in this meeting.

HAGIS was established in 2021 by RESIST and CVR to conduct long-term research together, complementing each other to advance the development of new therapies for infectious diseases and to allow PhD students to benefit from the combined research strengths of the two sites. The Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture is providing financial support for HAGIS in 2021 and 2022. From 2023, according to current plans, a joint DFG application for an international research training group will be submitted.

The photo shows the group in Glasgow: The RESIST team from Hanover brought gingerbread hearts for all HAGIS participants.