As part of the German-Scottish project “Hannover-Glasgow Infection Strategy” (HAGIS), the RESIST team was visited by five guests from the Glasgow Centre for Virus Research (CVR) on 24 and 25 May.

At their meeting at the Institute of Virology of the Hannover Medical School (MHH), four young researchers reported on previous and planned research stays in Glasgow, discussed further mutual exchanges and possible collaborations on various research topics, strategies for further funding of the project and possible focal points for a currently planned joint graduate college. The social part of the visit was not neglected either, for example during and around a guided tour of the Wilhelm Busch Museum.

HAGIS was founded in 2021 by RESIST and CVR in order to conduct research together on a permanent basis, complementing each other and thus advancing the development of new therapies for infectious diseases, as well as enabling doctoral students to benefit from the combined research strengths of the two locations.

In April 2022, Franziska Hüsers from Prof. Dr. Beate Sodeik’s research group at the MHH Institute of Virology will travel to Glasgow for two months as the first doctoral student within the framework of HAGIS. She learned a method there in the CVR team of Dr. Chris Boutell, which she needed for her doctoral thesis on the herpes simplex virus. Franziska Hüsers was already there when five RESIST members arrived for the first joint symposium. You can find an article about this symposium by clicking on the blue button.

The photos show the HAGIS group at the MHH and part of the HAGIS group in front of the Wilhelm Busch Museum.