Reconcile careers and children:
Pursuing a scientific career at the same time as being pregnant and looking after children – that is very difficult. Female postdocs working in RESIST or associated with RESIST can get support by applying for co-financing of a technical assistant for up to twelve months. Dr. Anika Freise, Dr. Carina Jacobsen and Dr. Eirini Nikolouli were successful: they will now be relieved during their parental leave or their subsequent return to work from January 2024.
Dr. Freise is currently expecting her first child, who is expected to be born in February 2024. “It is very important for me to be supported by a technical assistant during my parental leave so that I can continue my research, publish the results and then apply for a research grant,” she says. She works in the team of PD Dr. Benjamin Heidrich, MHH Clinic for Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Infectiology and Endocrinology, who heads the RESIST project B11 on bile duct inflammation, among other things.

Dr. Jacobsen, who works in the same clinic, is also expecting the birth of her first child, probably in April. “I am very happy that I can continue my scientific work during my absence by supervising a technical assistant,” says the postdoctoral researcher. She already knows that technical assistant Mara Lissek will be taking on this task and is very happy about it. Dr. Jacobsen is part of Dr. Helenie Kefalakes’ team researching diseases that arise due to the immune system’s reaction to a hepatitis D virus infection. This research is part of the RESIST project B14.

Dr. Nikolouli is currently on parental leave and will continue her research activities from June 2024 in the team of Prof. Lachmann, MHH Clinic for Pediatric Pneumology, Allergology and Neonatology. During her parental leave and at the beginning of her return period, she will also be supported by a technical assistant. The researcher works in the field of innate immune cells and the factors that support immune cells, such as macrophages, in their response to bacteria and viruses. “The support will allow me to quickly carry out the necessary experiments to publish my data and apply for further research grants soon after I return from parental leave to expand my scientific career,” she says.

The photo shows Mara Lissek, Dr. Anika Freise and Dr. Carina Jacobsen (from left).