What funding opportunities are there for young researchers at the DFG? What is absolutely necessary for a good proposal? And what should I absolutely refrain from doing? Dr. Andreas Strecker from the DFG Head Office answered all these and many other questions for a group of around 100 interested people in the Twincore seminar room on 2 June. He presented funding programmes that can provide support at various points in a career and provided his explanations with numerous tips and examples based on his extensive experience.

In addition, the programme director of the Life Sciences 2: Microbiology, Immunology, Neurosciences advised eleven researchers in one-on-one meetings. He came at the invitation of the RESIST Cluster of Excellence, with the lecture aimed at all interested parties from the MHH and Twincore. He kindly made his talk available, you can watch it by clicking here.

The first photo shows (from left): Dr. Eugenia Faber, Prof. Schulz, Dr. Strecker and Prof. Falk in front of MHH building J6.
The second photo shows (from left): Dr. Kefalakes, Dr. Faber, Dr. Bosnjak, Prof. Hansen, Dr. Strecker, Prof. Schulz, Prof. Gerold, Prof. Falk and Dr. Gripp on the area in front of the Twincore.