The 50 or so guests who came to this year’s summer RESIST network meeting, which took place in and around TWINCORE on August 25, were lucky with the weather. Because shortly before it started in the afternoon, the sun replaced the rain and it shone until the evening. So RESIST co-speaker Prof. Förster could welcome all present on the terrace and meadow, after which everyone could enjoy a delicious barbecue buffet and have a relaxed chat.

RESIST members exchanged ideas, made new and deepened existing contacts, while the children who had brought along were perfectly integrated into a fun program by two costumed entertainers: They could play, make bubbles, have their face painted and snack on cotton candy.

Finally, the winners of the now traditional RESIST bingo game received their prizes in the form of delicious coffee and tea. They had successfully answered the questions – for example, found someone who has a really crazy hobby, knows an inspiring quote or has an unusual talent.

The summer party will certainly be held again next year – shortly after the application for continuation of the Cluster of Excellence has been submitted to the DFG. We are already looking forward to the joint celebration with hopefully again numerous guests.

The first photo shows Prof. Förster during his welcoming speech. The second photo shows the children with the animators.