RESIST research teams who are generating large volumes of data now can get help analyzing these complex biomedical data. That’s because Hanan Begali recently joined the RESIST team as a bioformatician, where she is mentored by Prof. Depledge, Prof. Lauber and Prof. Galardini in the RESIST Biomedical Data Analysis Group (BDAG).
Hanan Begali’s current projects include analyzing data sets generated by high-throughput sequencing and mass spectrometry. She will also analyze image data using certain artificial intelligence techniques, such as machine learning and deep learning approaches. She will further handle the development and maintenance of bioinformatics workflows, discuss data analysis requirements with RESIST teams, and support introductory bioinformatics courses for non-computer scientists.
Hanan Begali’s PhD thesis focused on the study of chronic hepatitis B virus infection using knowledge graphs. It took place within the MHH PhD program “BIOMEdical DAta Science” (BIOMEDAS) and is expected to be completed. Previously, she obtained a Masters degree in Life Science Informatics at Bonn University and a Bachelors degree in Microbiology at King Abdul-Aziz University in Saudi Arabia. RESIST teams in need of data support should contact Prof. Depledge (, Prof. Galardini (, or Prof. Lauber ( for further information.