The summer academy “Lower Saxony International Summer Academy in Infection and Immunology (LISA)” has started – with young students of life sciences and medicine (Bachelor / Master) from about 20 countries, who are aiming for a PhD in immunology or infection research. LISA includes lectures where lecturers present their scientific work and participation in practical demonstrations and laboratory rotations. The Summer Academy takes place in TWINCORE, for the twelfth time – this year from August 27 to September 15, 2023.

This year’s program will be significantly supported by RESIST. The content of LISA has also been adapted in line with the focus topics of the Cluster of Excellence and includes current topics in immunological and infectious disease research as well as introductions to innovative experimental techniques. It covers basic science and translational aspects as well as new therapeutic approaches.

The photo shows (front, from left): Prof. Förster (RESIST co-spokesperson), Andrea von Craushaar (TWINCORE, LISA organization), Dr. Susanne Kruse (HBRS, LISA coordination) and Prof. Kalinke (TWINCORE managing director) as well as some students.