“I am very pleased to join this community of excellent scientists and physicians and help RESIST now to achieve its goals”, says Michele Proietti, who is professor for Genetics of Immundysregulation at MHH since July. Professor Proietti works at the Clinic for Rheumatology and Immunology MHH and is the fourth professor financed by RESIST.

Professor Proietti, in close collaboration with MHH-Professor Reinhold E. Schmidt and MHH-Professor Dr. Torsten Witte and with Prof. Dr. Bodo Grimbacher and Dr. Andrés Caballero, Center of Chronic Immunodeficiency (CCI), Uniklinikum Freiburg, analyzes the genetic landscape of individuals with co-existence of immunodeficiency and defective regulation of the immune response. They aim at identifying genetic changes that predispose individuals to infections and to immune-mediated pathology.

Moreover, to efficiently analyze the large amount of genetic data, he and his cooperation partners in Freiburg are currently developing a immunogenetic bioinformatic platform, containing genetic andfunctional data as well as according literature .
Michele is a physician scientist with a background of clinical medicine, experimental immunology and bioinformatics. He obtained a degree in Medicine and his residency in Internal Medicine in Rome (University “La Sapienza”), subsequently he received his PhD in Clinical and Experimental Immunology in 2010 at the University of Genova, Italy. Afterwards, he moved to the Institute of Research in Biomedicine to focus on experimental immunology, before joining the CCI at the Uniklinikum Freiburg in 2015. During that time he developed a particular interest and expertise in data analysis and bioinformatics with focus on genetic data, skills that helped him to become in 2017 the Head of the Genetic and genomic Unit of the CCI.