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The teams from RESIST and the MRC-University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research (CVR) in Glasgow plan to use their complementary strengths to conduct joint research in the field of infectious diseases and provide an excellent training environment. With this goal in mind, they have created the new scientific partnership “Hannover-Glasgow Infection Strategy” HAGIS.

A new HAGIS seminar was launched as part of HAGIS. At this online event, after presenting their work, the speakers also take about half an hour to talk to the students as well as (post-) doctoral students and all other members of the audience.

The third seminar will take place on

15 December 2021 from 2 to 3 pm

  • PROF. SABRINA SCHREINER, RESIST Research Unit D, Institute of Virology, MHH: „Human Adenovirus – Viral strategies to counteract host defense”
  • DR. CHRIS BOUTELL, Center for Virus Research, Glasgow: “Replication-independent histone chaperones; modulators of cellular immune defences to infection”

Do you have any questions or suggestions regarding the RESIST seminar series? If so, please contact us.

On 10 November, the new HAGIS seminar series was launched – with a lecture by Prof. Dr. Yang Li on the topic of “Integration of Multi-omics Data for Understanding Immunological Diseases” and with a presentation by Prof. Dr. David Robertson entitled “Data-driven Virology”. Around 120 listeners took part in this online event, where the speakers also took around half an hour to talk to the students as well as (post-) doctoral students and anyone else who was interested. At the second event, Prof. Dr. Gisa Gerold from RESIST and Prof. Dr. Alain Kohl from the CVR spoke. The seminar series will now continue. The dates and topics of the seminars can be found at www.RESIST-cluster.de.

HAGIS is funded by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture. An essential part of the partnership will be the exchange of PhD students. For this reason, projects have been and are being sought in which students can participate in research for a few months in the other partner country and institute; in some cases, cooperations already exist. RESIST researchers who would like to host PhD students from Glasgow or send PhD students to Glasgow are welcome to contact the RESIST office: RESIST@mh-hannover.de.

To further develop the partnership, exchange visits and a joint symposium are planned for 2022. A joint DFG proposal for an international research training group is then planned for mid-2023, to start at the beginning of 2024.

The HAGIS logo features the bridge over the River Clyde in Glasgow, Scotland, and the Ernst August Monument.

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