RESIST Seminar with Prof. Müller and Prof. Galardini

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Every Thursday (except during school holidays) two RESIST scientists or top-class researchers from external institutions present their work at the RESIST seminar series. The seminars are taking place from 5 to 6 pm.

Due to coronavirus pandemic,  it is an online-seminar. If you want to take part please contact

February 11th 2021 at 5 pm.

  • Professor Dr. Rolf Müller, Microbial Natural Products, Helmholtz-Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland (HIPS)
    ‘Harnessing the bioactive potential of microbial natural products from soil bacteria and human microbiota ‘
  • Professor Dr. Marco Galardini, Research group „Systems Biology of Microbial Communities“ at TWINCORE, Centre for Experimental and Clinical Infection Research
    ‘Genotype-to-phenotype models in bacterial pangeno­mes ‘

Do you have any questions or suggestions regarding the RESIST seminar series? If so, please contact us.

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