We welcome Dr. Lennart Rösner as a new member of RESIST:

Atopic dermatitis – this is the name given to the chronic inflammatory and agonisingly itchy skin disease. It begins with a defect in the skin barrier in interaction with changes in the immune system. The triggers for a worsening can be allergens, skin irritating substances, mechanical stimuli, psychological stress as well as bacterial infections and some affected persons have an increased susceptibility to viral diseases.

In order to be able to help them in the long term, Dr. Lennart Rösner is exploring the cellular immune response to Staphylococcus aureus bacteria and herpes viruses as part of RESIST. “My research aims at an in-depth characterisation of specific T cells to assess their impact on infection of the skin and other organs. I am also investigating factors in the skin of these patients that could promote infection,” describes the researcher from the MHH Department of Dermatology and Allergology.

In addition, Dr. Rösner is involved in leading the RESIST cohort of elderly people. “With it, we are investigating the ageing of the immune system and the associated risk of suffering from various infectious diseases,” he says. Thus, Dr. Rösner is involved in the RESIST research projects A3, A4, B5 and B12.

The photo shows Dr. Rösner.