Prof. Dr. Daniel Depledge participates in RESIST research projects of area D.

My Research Interest in RESIST

My research interests focus on understanding how human herpesviruses subvert cellular processes to enhance their own survival and spread. By integrating computational biology, molecular biology, and genomics/transcriptomics approaches to diverse viral model systems, my lab group identifies and characterizes key host and viral gene products that govern herpesvirus latency and reactivation in diverse cell types. In addition, we explore the role of epitranscriptomic modifications on host and viral RNAs in regulating the outcome of infections.

Prof. Dr. Depledge about his scientific work

Prof. Dr. Depledge – Curriculum Vitae

Current Position

  • Since 6/2021 Associate (W2) Professor of Systems Virology, Institute for Virology, MHH

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Training

  • 2000 – 2003: BSc (Hons), Biological Sciences, University of Exeter, UK

  • 2003 – 2004: MSc, Bioinformatics, University of Exeter, UK

  • 2005 – 2009: PhD, Molecular Biology, University of York, UK

Academic and Research Posts

  • 2009 – 2010: Biocurator, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, UK

  • 2010 – 2014: Post-doctoral Research Associate, University College London, UK

  • 2014 – 2017: MRF New Investigator Fellow, University College London, UK

  • 2017 – 2018: Post-doctoral Research Associate, NYU School of Medicine, USA

  • 2019 – 2021: Research Assistant Professor, NYU School of Medicine, USA

Other Scientific Roles

  • ICTV Herpesvirales Study Group: member since 2018

  • European Virus Bioinformatics Centre: member since 2019

Awards and Prizes

  • 2014 Medical Research Foundation (MRF) New Investigator Award

  • 2017 UCL Robin Weiss Fellowship

Recommended Links

For further information about Prof. Dr. Depledge’s scientific work please check the following links:

    10 Selected Publications (of > 45 original publications):

    Ouwendijk WJD*, Depledge DP*, Rajbhandari L, Lenac-Rovis T, Jonjic S, Breuer J, Venkatesan A, Verjans GMGM, Sadaoka T. Expression of varicella-zoster virus VLT-ORF63 fusion transcript induces broad viral gene expression during reactivation from neuronal latency. Nature Comms. 2020. *joint first authors

    Price AM, Hayer EK, McIntyre ABR, Gokhale NS, Abebe JS, Della Fera AN, Mason CE, Horner SM, Wilson AC, Depledge DP, Weitzman MD. Direct RNA sequencing reveals m6A modifications on adenovirus RNA are necessary for efficient splicing. Nature Comms. 2020.

    Braspenning SE, Sadaoka T, Breuer J, Verjans GMGM, Ouwendijk WJD, Depledge DP. Decoding the architecture of the varicella-zoster virus transcriptome. mBio. 2020.

    Hu M*, Depledge DP*, Flores Cortes E, Breuer J, Schang LM. Chromatin dynamics and the transcriptional competence of HSV-1 genomes during lytic infections. PLoS Path. 2019. *joint first authors

    Depledge DP, Puthankalam SP, Sadaoaka T, Beady D, Mori Y, Placantonakis D, Mohr I, Wilson AC. Native RNA sequencing on nanopore arrays redefines the transcriptional complexity of a viral pathogen. Nature Comms. 2019.

    Rubio RM, Depledge DP, Bianco C, Thompson L, Mohr I. RNA m6A modification enzymes shape innate responses to DNA by regulating interferon β. Genes & Dev. 2018.

    Depledge DP*, Ouwendijk WJD*, Sadaoka T*, Braspenning S, Mori Y, Cohrs R, Verjans GMGM# & Breuer J#. A varicella-zoster virus latency transcript represses viral regulatory gene 61 expression. Nature Communications. 2018. *joint first authors #joint senior authors

    Depledge DP, Yamanishi K, Gomi Y, Gershon A, Breuer J. Deep-sequencing of distinct preparations of the live-attenuated VZV vaccine reveals a conserved core of attenuating SNPs. J Virol. 2016. [Article of significant interest selected by JVI Editors]

    Sadaoka T, Depledge DP, Rajbhandari L, Venkatesan A, Breuer J, Cohen JI. In vitro system using human neurons demonstrates that varicella-zoster vaccine virus is impaired for reactivation, but not latency. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2016.

    Depledge DP, Kundu S, Jensen NJ, Gray ER, Jones M, Steinberg S, Gershon A, Kinchington PR, Schmid DS, Balloux F, Nichols RA, Breuer J. Deep sequencing of viral genomes provides insight into the evolution and pathogenesis of varicella zoster virus and its vaccine in humans. Mol Biol Evol. 2014.


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